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  1. New #2

From the recording New #2


All of the things that I love the most
Rovers rolling down the coast
Foiling all your latest tricks
Pleased to meet you Mister Six

I am the new Number Two
I'll break you down by the time I'm through
Hint: there's no escape by sea
Information please

Snuggled up almost astride her
Smuggled out by a disguised insider
You've been betrayed by your own lust
There's no woman you can trust

I am the new Number Two
You're no match for me and my crew
Kidnapped unseen life of ease
Information please

Dreaming off a western set
Awake but you're not finished yet
Striped shirt top hat's on that tip
Shooting straight at you from the hip

I am the new Number Two
I know One but I won't tell you
No more rides in your MG
Information please

Back out on these prison streets
For relaxing in the ejection seat