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  1. Mexican Poker

From the recording Mexican Poker


A short hand of poker
Mexican style
As I crawled up to meet her
Flashed a winning smile
Straight off of the half shell
In from the high seas
She cast off her old self
Laid her bets on me

And they never found me out
Blinded by design
They stole away with what they thought was mine
And so I’ve come to find
Not like their kind

Shuffle up for a new deal
Hole card in my hat
So many things to conceal
I liked it like that
My stack’s gotten smaller
But I’m still in the game
Outlasting the dollars
She’s earned with your name

On account of my persona
She stopped speaking to me
I’d never grown up
Regressed to the mean
Cashed in on a sure thing
At your Halloween bash
I’d forgotten to bring
The goth in my trash