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  1. Hustling Guy

From the recording Hustling Guy


Withstand a vicious wink
That’s what I think
He sang with a sigh
A hustling guy

Caged animal on the make
A rattlesnake
With nothing to hide

He lives on a yacht
Being someone he’s not
And cursing his lot

Roomed alone with a window of hope
His crib was dope
Surrounded by spies

He moves like a cat
Surprise attack
Worked at home in a suit and a tie

It was all that she wrote
And he shaved off his goat

Count the hours, strike off the days
Refining his high rolling ways

Stepped west by three and by three
A scavenger he
An evil gleam in his eye

Fooled himself into staying awake
Ate nothing but birthday cake
He’s gone and never said goodbye
He’s just a hustling guy

Just like he’d been taught
And he never got caught

He only had one thing to say
Who’s life is it, anyway?