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  1. Facebook

From the recording Facebook


I saw your face in the facebook
You'll never know my name
You'll never give me a second look
But I'll have you just the same

Just in case I wasn't faced
With such a pleasant looking leer
And my expression's been misplaced
By uninspired fear

Knowing all about you
And your secret life too
It couldn't have been better
In a soap operetta
So maybe I'll follow you

You've been taken if I'm not mistaken
He must have had a lot of juice
Paid in cash and left you unforsaken
A frisbee helmet jesus shoes

Nearly every single day
We'll be together in some way
Citizen brash
Ten strokes of the lash
Doing everything exactly as I say

Not so fast or this will never last
Perfect timing is the key
A research project on your past
Showed us all the first one's free

Saw your face in the facebook
One copy remained
Think I'll pause for a second look
Things could never be the same

I'm following you
Bad dreams coming true
I've seen you before
It's what I've been waiting for
And that's what I'm going to do